Past Events

  • Did you just find out about 1st Amendment Praetorian? Are you an event organizer wanting to verify our experience or potential donor who wants to know that we’re not just a flash-in-the-pan group created for just a few events?

    This list will be updated as time goes on so that you may stay up to date with which events 1st Amendment Praetorian has secured in the past as well as what events we have in store.


    10.02.20 – 10.04.20 Walkaway Foundation The Silent Majority March on Washington – Washington, D.C. (multi-day event)

    10.18.20 Walkaway Foundation in Phoenix, AZ

    10.25.20 Sean Feuchts “Let Us Pray” on the national mall in Washington, D.C.

    11.01.20 MAGA Drag the Interstate in Denver, CO

    11.01.20 Walkaway Foundation in Atlanta, GA

    11.10 – 11.18.20 Stop the Steal at the Georgia Capitol building, Atlanta

    11.14.20 Stop the Steal and Women For America First Million MAGA March in Washington, DC

    11.15.20 Walkaway Foundation event in Washington, D.C.

    12.12.20 Defend America in Washington, D.C.

    12.13.20 Mom’s For America First in Washington, D.C.